Warrior Elite Krav Maga is now Safeguard Self-Defense!

Starting in Jan 2020 we changed our brand to The Safeguard Project, which includes Safeguard Self-Defense, Safeguard Health & Safety and Safeguard Global Impact to align more with our core vision of being a Force For Good through holistically being prepared for all of life's emergencies.  We still offer the same great IKMF Krav Maga training, with additional training options in emergency medical response and disaster preparedness. We are also proud to announce Safeguard Project Global Impact, our philanthropy outreach; supporting great people, doing great work for good causes. To find out more, please click below.

Safeguard Self-Defense



Adult Krav Maga

Classes include; basic through advanced training, scenario specific off site training, family protection, striking & ground fighting, multiple attackers, weapons & common objects. Ages 16 and over.


Junior Krav Maga (Ages 10-14)

Starting to gain more independence? Now is the time to teach your (pre) teen about the responsibility of their personal safety and some of the real threats that can be handled with proper awareness and training.


Kids Krav Maga (Ages 6-10)

In general as adults, we are responsible for our children's safety, but in the event that breaks down give your kids the fighting chance to defend themselves, or even defend their personal boundaries against bullies and other harm.